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It’s a Date!

I’m delighted to inform you that I am going to marry Michael Stewart on July 9, 2011!!!!!!!! Whoopie!

We finally found a venue that was cheap enough and big enough to host our giant framily. We will have the ceremony in the arboretum at Tanglewood Park where my Mammaw and Pappaw celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary, so that certainly gives us something to work towards. The reception (yes, I know it’s July) will be indoors and air conditioned in the ballroom at the clubhouse there.

So far it looks like we’ll be able to have my aunt and uncle cater, and one of our dear friends do the deejaying. Robin has, of course, already picked out several boutiques to take me to look at dresses because she’s almost as excited as I am!

Thank you to all of you for your tremendous support as Michael and I have spent the last 3 (almost!) years growing together and discovering how happy we’ll be together for the rest of our lives. We look forward to celebrating with you at the wedding and sharing our lives with you as we get old and wrinkly.


I’m very proud of these. Check it out!


If life were only moments…

That song needs to be my mantra.  Sondheim is such a genius.

Today marks the one-year anniversary of perhaps the most important moment in my life so far.  And I’m talking about a real zinger of a moment–not just one of those painfully trickled-out, life changing events like the months of process and paperwork it was to choose a college, start grad school, or work out the details of being hired to my first real job.

No, I’m talking about a year ago today when a tall, skinny, curly-haired figure resembling Tigger in demeaner bounced up to me after my first service at the Piedmont Unitarian Universalist Church in Charlotte.  I sat down to enjoy some good ol’ fashioned potluck with this man to whom I shall be forever grateful, and he invited me over to what I would later learn was called The Great House to join him and several other young Charlotte folks for dinner.  In that bizarre and wonderful moment, I decided to take a chance and try to establish a whole new group of friends in my new city of residence.  Thank you, Nathan.  Thank you for being the wonderful, friendly, open-armed, open-hearted man that you always are.  I owe you more thanks than I can possibly ever express.

“Thanks” of course because the next night at dinner he introduced me to the love of my life, whom I was able to rescue from an entirely different kind of moment.

“….Even now and then a bad one.  But if life were only moments, then you’d never know you had one.”

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Home is Where the Heart is

I’ve had several conversations with my dad lately about how weird it is for me trying to find my place between kid and adult.

I had a sort of out-of-body experience on June 9 when I was on my knees in the school cafeteria conducting my troup of 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders in the graduation song for the 5th graders.  The parents were behind me in rows of folding chairs, and I had a flashback to my graduation where my music teacher was conducting us.  My dad said he would need a video of me teaching in order to believe it.  I’m not his little girl anymore.  I no longer need to sit on his lap nightly for him to untangle my long mane of curly hair.

Michael has teased me before for still calling my parents’ house “home.”  I don’t live there anymore, but I haven’t established stronger roots anywhere else.

I’ve heard the expression “home is where the heart is.”  I guess that means I have a lot of homes.  With my parents in Greensboro.  With my grandparents in Winston.  With the Yungebergs in Chapel Hill.  With my girlfriends.  With Robin.

I recently re-watched Garden State and Zach Braff has another idea about home in the way that it concerns the definition of family. “Maybe that’s all family really is–a group of people that miss the same imaginary place.”

In that sense, I also have lots of families.  Maybe Michael’s pretty smart for calling his cherished people “framily”–that is, friends + family.  My girlfriends and I miss Spencer.  Not necessarily the physical dorm, but rather the imaginary bond it created between us.

All of my wonderful imaginary places are still in the past for me.  Maybe you know you’re an adult when the imaginary place you and your framily miss is the place where you currently live.

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Bonjour monde!

Thanks to MyGreatPartner, Michael, I am now able to embrace my nerdiness and share tidbits of my life with you.  Hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I will!  Thanks, love!